It’s Time To Step Into Your Highest Level Of Leadership

YOU Have The Opportunity To Scale Your Legacy Through Eternity, Create Profound Impact On This Planet, & 
Become A World Class Leader For Your Business.

A full-stack, exclusive experience meant for the .1% leaders of the world.


God has called us forth to lead in these shifting times.

To no longer play the I game and focus out. 

Our world is evolving and we need powerful and impactful leaders now more than ever before. 

Leaders committed to standing up for what they believe in and no longer holding their tongue or being afraid of what society is going to say. 

Leaders who want to live in a world of freedom, unity, and love. 

The successful business, the fancy cars, the 17 trips you take a year are really amazing and definitely a form of freedom in your life… but the question I have for you is, why were you put on this planet? Why do you exist? Why did god create you?

My guess is to continue to be a servant of his much greater mission. The mission of people. 

You have the ability right now to impact in the most profound way.

What’s on the other side of living and being this is a heart so big it could almost burst out of love for people. 

A soul so impactful it lives through eternity.

The material things will always be available to you… but where else do you get to focus out and impact this world in your special way? 
It’s bigger than you, it’s bigger than me, there’s an entire planet we get to impact together. 

We have the opportunity to birth leaders all around us, awaken leaders in our business, and in our family. 

The question is, will you step forth into the challenge? 

Are you ready to play a much bigger game for humanity, your team, your family, and YOURSELF?

33 Seats Available

The Mastermind Enrollment Ends

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

What Is The Mastermind?

This is a scared container of 33 powerful leaders who are now stepping into their commitment of playing a much bigger game on this earth. It’s no longer just about business... It's about empowering leaders around us, building thriving cultures in our companies, mastering our relationships, and being a voice the world can hear. 

Over the course of 6 months you will get to experience what it’s like to be a world class leader in every area of your life. Spiritually, physically, and financially. There will be multiple opportunities for you to contribute to our philanthropy outreach and make a difference in people's lives around the world.    

You will be able to form a deeper connection with God and self so that you can tap into your purest way of being and shine your bright light out into the world, in your business, and in your family. 

This is a container for leaders who have achieved the financial part of freedom, who have a business that is scaling, but are ultimately feeling called to play a much bigger game for their family, future family, team, and the world. You’ll get to experience world class thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business moguls during these 6 months. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from them, be connected with them, and surround yourself with the frequency in which your next level is at. 

This inner circle was not created to connect like minded individuals. It was created to connect powerful, diverse, heart-led leaders in their own walks of life and join forces together and play TEAM for humanity. It is also an opportunity to be held high by a team that is pushing you towards your most ambitious goals and not allowing you to settle for mediocrity.   

We are up to a very big game inside this container. It’s not for everyone. It’s for the leaders who know their legacy gets to live on when they are no longer here. It’s for the leaders who are unwavering in what they stand for and the impact they get to make. 

If that is you and you are willing to step forth, apply now for 1 of the 33 seats.

Introducing The Mastermind

The Mastermind Features

FOUR Exclusive Mastermind Experiences (1 every quarter): I host FOUR private experiences each year for my Mastermind clients. These are held at different locations around the USA (for now… ;)) 

You will fly in and over the course of 48-72 hours, we’ll dive deep into your business and destroy any pressing problems, frustrations, or challenges you might be facing. You’ll walk away with a renewed vision and game plan for the exact steps you need to take to grow your company.

We will also break-through any limiting beliefs, stories and ways of being that don’t support your vision - giving you a rebirth and renewed sense of clarity, purpose, passion and play.

PLUS, we’ll reveal the private in-house strategies we’re using to invest capital, tax strategies, and create generational wealth in the new economy. 

Monthly Fly Ins: One day with me usually costs $20,000. But as a platinum mastermind member of mine, I’m giving you access to monthly fly-ins - included! This is your “behind the scenes” look at everything I’m doing to reach my own goals, build my own brand, portfolio and family legacy. Valuable, huh? :) Gerard will not be at every fly in, however we will have 1 powerful day each month - over a friday, saturday or sunday - where we will expand you in new ways, uncover your blindspots, and support you in your vision. (Only included in the platinum package.)

Conscious Capital Syndicate: This is where you get access to the “deals on my desk” - first right of refusal to investment opportunities, as well as suggestions around tax advantages, investing and creating generational wealth. (Only included in the platinum package.)

Bi - Weekly Expert Calls Around Business: I’ve hired and connected with the best when it comes to operations, systems, team building and scaling companies. They host a group call twice a month as “added support” for anybody who needs help getting their business to scale and run itself.

Every other Wednesday at 4pm PST is our call around “business.”

Because you’re our newest Mastermind client, you get access to these calls completely free. The focus is on how to go from 0-10+ team members by following a proven 5-pillar process (aka the scaling method) and build a 1m+ business that runs itself. You’ll discover how to scale every division of your business, systemize it, and step away from it by having a world-class team. 

Bi - Weekly Expert Calls Around Being: We’ve designed these calls to support you with integration, collaboration and accountability. These calls will be grounding, powerful and playful so you can continue the ways of being you want to embody and live your life from. 

Every other Wednesday at 4pm PST is our call around “being.”

Collaboration With Other Mastermind Founders and CEOs: Combine your unique talents with other founders and CEOs to create amazing project partnerships together. These can feed you for years to come if done right. Many of our members collaborate with each other and leverage each other’s networks, and I’m sure you will too.

Mastermind Slack & WhatsApp Channels: Feel stuck? Post in the group and together we’ll get you unstuck. We’ll also celebrate our wins and have a shoulder to lean on when crap hits the fan.

Access To All PAST and FUTURE Courses: I started, scaled, and sold an 8-figure media company that reached millions of people online. Creating valuable CONTENT is what me and my team are the best in the world at.

Because you’re a Mastermind client, you will get FREE access to any and all premium courses we create in the future to serve our audience. You also get access to all PAST courses.

Access To Our Accelerator: Showing Founders & CEOs How To Scale Personal Brands/Client Based Businesses For Greater Sales, Opportunities, & Personal Fulfillment - Specifically For Client Based Businesses Doing More Than $10k/mo With A High-Ticket Offer. This includes another 2x calls a week focused specifically on systems, strategies and goal setting to grow your company.

This container is only for those who conquered their first mountain, created financial success and done the deep work and are ready for the next ascension.
Presented to you by Gerard Adams
Radically Expand Every Area Of Your Life
Evolving Into The Highest Version Of Yourself.
I will continue to grow my impact, influence and income by expanding my consciousness, deepening my connection with myself and others, as well as through the vehicle of investing. I will leave behind a legacy, to impact many generations to come. I know there's more for me and I will be the one who brings my vision of the world into reality.
I cannot do this by myself, which is why I will inspire my team to work passionately towards my vision as if it were their own. Now I’ll be able to attract A-players and inspire a culture that gets everybody moving together effortlessly. These systems will give me more profit, more free time, and more fulfillment while living my purpose.
(Becoming Free & Fulfilled): I get to live a life from a full cup, deep connection with myself and others as well as magical curiosity. Putting your play, and you as a person FIRST, is what comes after a deep commitment to live in integrity, from vision and with boundaries, here is where we focus on expanding YOU to master your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.
Hear From Our Powerful Network of High-Performing Entrepreneurs. 
Benefits of Joining The Mastermind
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of results can I expect with the Mastermind?
A better business, more happiness, more fulfillment, discover your higher purpose, mastery in all areas of your life (not just in business). If you want true happiness and fulfillment, you need to master all areas of your life. I've had times in my life where my business was thriving and I looked like a huge success on the outside, but inside I was dying. I want to share the wisdom that will allow you to THRIVE not just in business but in every area of your life.
Who is the mastermind for?
The mastermind is for 7-8 figure service-based CEO's, conscious business owners, heart led leaders, impact driven investors/entrepreneurs, and influential personal brands.
Who is the mastermind not for?
This is not for early stage entrepreneurs, get rich quick "influencers", anyone making less than $250,000 per year, or anyone with a low vibe mindset.
What's included?
Bi-weekly calls to share exact strategies that can be used for you to achieve more success, happiness, and fulfillment in your business and life, hot seats to diagnose your specific business and life issues, and a luxury retreat to network with other 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs & conscious leaders.
When and where will the retreat be held?
There will be a luxury retreat included within the mastermind. Dates and location are still yet to be decided, COVID-19 dependent.

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33 Seats Available

The Mastermind Enrollment Ends

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

33 Lives Will Be Impacted Forever Because Of This Profound Experience. Will You Be One of Them?

Will you step into your infinite potential as a leader? 

Will you stand with a tribe and make an impact together and play TEAM? 

Will you create an abundance of freedom, wealth, and prosperity in these next 6 months? 

Are you ready to play the biggest game of your life?


This is only available to those who join our mastermind.

Immerse Yourself With A Group Of Hand-Picked Entrepreneurs For 2-Days and Dive Deep With Top Business And Being Facilitators To Uncover What's Holding You Back From Playing Bigger In Your Business.

In This Immersion You Will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of energy and time mastery in your life.
  • Be able to eliminate any bottlenecks preventing you from growth in your business.
  • Learn how to build a powerful team filled with dedicated leaders so you can scale with ease and flow.
  • ​Know what it takes to create more harmony in your life so that you can live from a place of true alignment.
  • ​Create your roadmap for 2022 so you know exactly who you need to be and what you need to do to have your most successful year yet.

You Will Have The Opportunity To:

  • Be put through my daily routine and how to set myself up for success.
  • Take a look at how I timeblock my day and setup sprints so I OWN time and time does not own me.
  • Craft your vision for 2022 and receive feedback.
  • Create your goals for 2022 and receive guidance and support.
  • ​Take a look at the current team in your business and gain knowledge on how to empower them and put them in their zone of genius.
  • ​Know how to hire and delegate effectively in your company.
  • ​Learn what systems need to be put in place so that your team can thrive in your company.
  • ​Understand what makes a powerful message so irresistible to enroll into.
  • ​Learn what thought leadership really is and how you can step in.
  • ​Create a content plan and strategy so that you can focus more on the quality of content rather than the backend organization and uploading.

*flights and accommodations are not included*

*flights and accommodations are not included*